What started as a sideline project to distract us from the pains of thesis in our final year in school became a passion project for 5 really good friends: Elsie, Joyce, Ru'ai, Weiyan & Xin Nie.

Presenting a series of 8 hongbaos for the lunar new year, we have decided to take the hongbao back to its humble past where treats and sweets were used to be placed in these red packets. (And in case you are wondering, money eventually replaced treats and sweets because it was more practical and the receiver could use that money to buy his/her own treats and sweets!)

There are 8 designs in total, 4 rectangular ones that include the bak kwa, kueh lapis, love letters and hei bee hiam crackers. 4 square ones that are made up of nian gao, mandarin orange, kueh baulu and pineapple tart.

Each packet contains 8 hongbaos, 1 of each design. 

&plentymore festive goodness!